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In the main form, Access displays the fields from the first record in the Customer
table in a columnar format. The records in the main form appear in primary key
order by Customer ID. Customer ID 11001 has one related record in the Contract
table; this record, for Contract Num 3011, is shown in the subform datasheet. The
main form name, “Customer Contracts,” appears as the form’s title and on the form
object tab. The name of the subform appears to the left of the subform. Note that
only the word “Contract” and not the complete name “Contract Subform” appears
on the form. Access displays only the table name for the subform itself, but displays
the complete name of the object, “Contract Subform,” when you view and work
with objects in the Navigation Pane. The subform designation is necessary in a list
of database objects, so that you can distinguish the Contract subform from other
objects, such as the Contract table; but the subform designation is not needed in
the Customer Contracts form. Only the table name is required to identify the table
containing the records in the subform.
The form includes two sets of navigation buttons. You use the top set of navigation but-
tons to select records from the related table in the subform, and you use the set of navi-
gation buttons at the bottom of the form window to select records from the primary table
in the main form.
You’ll use the navigation buttons to view different records.
To navigate to different main form and subform records:
1. In the main form, click the Last record navigation button . Record 41 in the
Customer table (for Lily’s Boutique) becomes the current record in the main form.
The subform shows that this customer currently has no contracts; recall that you
just entered this customer record in the Customer table. Oren can use the subform
to enter the information for this customer’s contract when he receives it, and that
information will be updated in the Contract table.
2. In the main form, click the Previous record navigation button . Record 40 in
the Customer table (for Weston Community Parks Foundation) becomes the current
record in the main form. The subform shows that this customer has two contracts.
3. In the main form, select 40 in the Current Record box, type 34 , and then press the
Enter key. Record 34 in the Customer table (for Dept. of Neighborhood Develop-
ment) becomes the current record in the main form. The subform shows that this
customer has four contracts.
4. Double-click the pointer at the right edge of the Contract Type column in the
subform so that the complete values for this field are visible.
5. In the subform, click the Last record navigation button
As you move through the
form/subform, notice that
some field values in the
subform are not completely
visible. You can resize any
subform field to its best fit
to fully display the field
. Record 4 in the Con-
tract table becomes the current record in the subform.
6. Save and close the Customer Contracts form.
You’ve finished your work for Oren on the forms in the Belmont database. Next, Taylor
Sico asks you to create a report that she can use to prepare a new advertising campaign.
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