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3. Click the arrow on the first list box, click Signing Date , and then click the Next
button. The next Report Wizard dialog box opens, in which you choose a layout and
page orientation for the report. See Figure 4-22.
Choosing the report layout
Figure 4-22
o rientation
sample of
selected layout
4. Click each layout option and examine each sample that appears.
You’ll use the Outline layout option because it resembles the layout shown in Tay-
lor’s sketch. Also, because there are few fields in the Contract table, the informa-
tion will fit in portrait orientation, so you will accept the default page orientation.
5. Click the Outline option button, and then click the Next button. The next Report
Wizard dialog box opens, in which you choose a style for the report.
A sample of the selected style, or AutoFormat, appears in the box on the left. You
can always choose a different AutoFormat after you create the report. For consis-
tency with the form objects you created, you’ll choose the Foundry AutoFormat.
6. Click Foundry (if necessary), and then click the Next button. The final Report Wiz-
ard dialog box opens, in which you choose a report name, which also serves as the
printed title on the report.
According to Taylor’s sketch, the report title you need to specify is “Customers and
Contracts.” However, for consistency with how other objects are named in the data-
base, you’ll specify the name “Customers And Contracts,” with each word
capitalized. Later, you’ll change the report title so that it appears with the word
“and,” per Taylor’s sketch.
7. In the text box for the title, enter the title Customers And Contracts and then
click the Finish button. The Report Wizard creates the report based on your
answers and saves it as an object in the Belmont database. Then Access opens the
report in Print Preview.
To view the entire page, you need to change the Zoom setting.
8. In the Zoom group on the Print Preview tab, click the arrow for the Zoom button,
and then click Fit to Window . The first page of the report is displayed in Print
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