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When a report is displayed in Print Preview, you can use the pointer to toggle
between a full-page display and a close-up display of the report. Taylor asks you to check
the report to see if any adjustments need to be made. For example, some of the field
titles or values might not be displayed completely, or you might need to move fields to
enhance the report’s appearance. You need to view a close-up display of the report.
To view a close-up display of the report:
1. Click the pointer at the top center of the report. The display changes to show a
close-up view of the report. See Figure 4-23.
Figure 4-23
Close-up view of the report
listed in
order by
Signing Date
Trouble? Depending on your computer settings, the shading and colors used in
your report might look different. This difference should not cause any problems.
The detail records for the Contract table fields appear in ascending order based on
the values in the Signing Date field. Because the Signing Date field is used as the
basis for sorting records, it appears as the first field in this section, even though
you selected the fields in the order in which they appear in the Contract table.
All of the text in this portion of the report is displayed completely and is legible.
However, you should check the entire report because some field values are longer
than others and might not be fully displayed.
2. Use the vertical scroll bar to scroll to the bottom of the first page, checking the text in
the report as you scroll. Notice the current date and page number at the bottom of the
first page of the report; these elements were included by the Report Wizard as part of
the report’s design. The first page is fine; now you need to check the second page.
3. Click the Next Page navigation button to move to page 2 of the report.
4. Use the vertical scroll bar to scroll back up the page and check the field values. All
are displayed completely.
5. Click the Next Page navigation button to move to page 3 of the report. Notice
that the Company field value for the RiverView Development Company (Customer
ID 11040) is not completely displayed.
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