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6. Continue to scroll through the pages of the report. Note that several Company field
values are too long to fit within the space provided and are not fully displayed. Oth-
erwise, all other text in the report is displayed correctly.
To fix the display of the Company field values, you first need to move the City and
Phone fields to the right to provide more space for the company names. Then, you need to
widen the space for the Company field values so that the complete values are displayed.
The changes you need to make can be done in Layout view for the report. Also in Layout
view, you can fix the report title so that it reads “Customers and Contracts.”
Modifying a Report’s Design in Layout View
Similar to Layout view for forms, Layout view for reports enables you to make modifica-
tions to the report’s design. Many of the same options—such as those for changing the
AutoFormat and changing the color of text and lines—are provided in Layout view for
reports. Before moving and resizing the necessary fields, you’ll fix the name of the report
title to change the word “And” to “and” so that the title matches Taylor’s sketch.
To edit the report title:
1. Click the Layout View button , which is located at the bottom right of the report
window in Print Preview, on the status bar. The report is displayed in Layout view.
Trouble? If the Field List or Property Sheet opens on the right side of your wndow,
click the Close button to close it.
2. Click the Customers And Contracts report title. An orange outline appears
around the title, indicating it is selected.
3. Click the title again to switch to editing mode. The title now appears in a white
box, and the insertion point appears at the location you clicked.
4. Click to the right of the letter “A” in “And,” press the Backspace key, and then
type a .
5. Press the Enter key. The title of the report is now “Customers and Contracts.”
Notice that the name of the report object in the database is still “Customers And
Contracts,” as shown on the tab for the report.
Moving a Field on a Report in Layout View
Working in Layout view, you can reposition fields to improve the appearance of the
report or to address the problem of some field values not being completely displayed. In
the Customers And Contracts report, you need to make space for the longer Company
field values by moving the City and Phone fields to the right. To make sure all the Com-
pany field values will fit, you should make any adjustments based on the longest com-
pany name—Kalamazoo Neighborhood Development.
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