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To move the City and Phone fields:
1. Use the vertical scroll bar to scroll the report until the record for Customer ID
11045, Kalamazoo Neighborhood Development, is displayed.
To select and move multiple fields, you use the Shift key.
2. Click the City field name for Customer ID 11045, press and hold the Shift key, and
then click the Phone field name for the same record. Both fields are selected and
can be moved. See Figure 4-24.
Figure 4-24
Fields selected and ready to be moved
move the fields
this far to the right
both fields are outlined
in orange, indicating
they are selected
Notice the small box with two double-arrowed lines that is above the top-left cor-
ner of the selected fields. This box is called the move handle ; you use it to reposi-
tion selected fields on a report or other database object.
3. Position the pointer on the move handle for the selected fields, and then drag
them to the right. As you drag, black outlines indicate the location of both the field
names and the field values.
4. Release the mouse when the left edge of the field names is approximately aligned
with the beginning of the word “two” in the Contract Type field value above (see
Figure 4-24). The City and Phone fields are now positioned farther to the right.
Note that all City and Phone fields for the entire report have been moved, not just
those for the current record. See Figure 4-25.
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