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Report after moving fields
Figure 4-25
all City and
Phone fields
the entire
report appear
in the new
fields repositioned
farther to the right
Resizing a Field on a Report in Layout View
With the City and Phone fields in the new location, there is more room on the report to dis-
play the full Company field values. Your next task is to resize the Company field value box so
that the longest value (Kalamazoo Neighborhood Development) is fully displayed. This will
ensure that all other company names will be completely visible in the report as well.
To widen the field value for the Company field:
1. Click the field value Kalamazoo Neighborhood Development for Customer ID
11045. An orange outline appears around the field value, indicating it is selected.
2. Position the pointer on the right side of the orange box until the pointer changes to
a shape.
3. Click and drag the pointer to the right until the right edge of the Company
field value box is aligned approximately with the “e” in the word “design” in the
Contract Type field value above it, and the complete field value is displayed. The
field values for all fields in this section of the main report—Customer ID, Company,
First Name, and Last Name—are resized as well. See Figure 4-26.
Trouble? When you release the mouse button after resizing the field, the screen
might scroll to another location. If this happens, scroll your screen so that it
matches Figure 4-26.
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