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Figure 4-26
Report after resizing fields
all field values
resized in this
field value
is now fully
Even though you needed to increase the width of the Company field only, it’s not a
problem that all the other field values in this part of the report were also resized.
With the City and Phone fields moved to the right, the report can accommodate
the wider field values throughout.
Earlier, when meeting with Oren, Taylor viewed and worked with the Customer Data
form. She likes how the picture looks on the form, and she likes the blue color applied to
the form’s title. She asks you to insert the same picture on the Customers And Contracts
report, and to change the color of the report title to the same blue color used on the form.
Inserting a Picture in a Report and Changing the Font Color
You can add a picture to a report for visual interest or to identify a particular section of
the report. You can also change the color of text on the report to enhance its appearance.
Because Taylor plans to print the report using a color printer, she asks you to include a
picture in the report and change the report title color to blue.
To insert the picture and change the color of the title in the report:
1. Press the Ctrl+Home keys to scroll to the top of the report.
2. Make sure the Report Layout Tools Format tab is selected on the Ribbon. Notice
that the options provided in the Controls group for reports are the same as those
you worked with for forms.
3. In the Controls group, click the Logo button.
4. Navigate to the Level.01\Tutorial folder, and then double-click the Landscape
file. The picture is inserted in the top-left corner of the report, partially covering
the report title.
5. Use the pointer to move the picture to the right of the report title.
Now you can change the color of the report title.
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