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6. Click the title Customers and Contracts to select it. An orange outline surrounds
the words, indicating they are selected.
7. In the Font group on the Report Layout Tools Format tab, click the arrow for the
Font Color button , and then click the color box for Access Theme 4 . The
color is applied to the report title. See Figure 4-27.
Report after adding the picture and changing the title font color
Figure 4-27
picture added and moved
to the right of the title
font color
of the title
is now blue
Taylor is pleased with the report’s appearance, and shows it to Oren. He also approves
of the report’s contents and design, but has one final suggestion to enhance the report.
He’d like to draw attention to the contract amounts that are greater than $25,000 by for-
matting them with a bold, red font. Because Oren doesn’t want all the contract amounts
to appear in this font, you need to use conditional formatting.
Using Conditional Formatting in a Report
Conditional formatting in a report (or form) is special formatting applied to certain field
values depending on one or more conditions—similar to criteria you establish for
queries. If a field value meets the condition or conditions you specify, the formatting is
applied to the value.
Oren would like the Customers And Contracts report to show any contract amount
that is greater than $25,000 in a bold, red font. This formatting will help to highlight the
more significant contracts for Belmont Landscapes.
To apply conditional formatting to the Contract Amt field in the report:
1. Click the first Contract Amt field value, 4,000 , for Contract Num 3011. An orange
outline appears around the field value, and a dotted line appears down the column
for the field value throughout the entire report. Because you selected a value in the
Contract Num column, the conditional formatting you specify next will affect only
the values in this column. You must select a field value , and not the field name ,
before applying a conditional format.
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