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2. In the Font group on the Report Layout Tools Format tab, click the Conditional
button. The Conditional Formatting dialog box opens. See Figure 4-28.
Figure 4-28
Conditional Formatting dialog box
specify the
in these
text boxes
use these
options to
specify the
shows a preview of
the conditional format
The Default Formatting section at the top of the dialog box shows how text that
does not meet the condition will be formatted in the report. In the Condition 1 sec-
tion of the dialog box, you enter the specifications for the condition in the text
boxes provided. Then, you use the formatting buttons to determine how text in the
report should be formatted when the condition is met. The preview box shows how
the text will look with the conditional formatting.
3. In the Condition 1 section of the dialog box, click the arrow for the box containing
the word “between,” and then click greater than . Oren wants only those contract
amounts greater than $25,000 to be formatted.
The options available in this box include the operators you used when establishing
criteria in a query. For example, if you wanted to apply conditional formatting to
only those field values that are equal to a specific value, you would choose the
“equal to” option in the list.
4. Press the Tab key to move to the text box, and then type 25000 .
5. In the Condition 1 section, click the arrow for the Font/Fore Color button
and then click the first color box in the last row (the dark red color).
6. In the Condition 1 section, click the Bold button
. The specifications for the con-
ditional formatting are complete. See Figure 4-29.
Figure 4-29
Conditional formatting set for the Contract Amt field
condition specifies
that the selected
field value must be
greater than 25000
preview box shows
the bold, red font
that will be applied
to field values that
meet the condition
dark red font
color selected
Bold button
7. Click the OK button. The dialog box closes, and the conditional format is applied
to the Contract Amt field values.
To get a better view of the report and the formatting changes, you’ll switch to
Print Preview.
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