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8. In the Views group on the Report Layout Tools Format tab, click the arrow for the
View button, and then click Print Preview . The report appears in Print Preview.
9. Move to page 7 of the report and scroll down the window. Notice the conditional
formatting applied to the Contract Amt field values that are greater than $25,000.
See Figure 4-30.
Viewing the finished report in Print Preview
Figure 4-30
applied to
Contract Amt
field values
greater than
The Importance of Previewing Reports
When you create a report, it is a good idea to display the report in Print Preview repeatedly
as you continue to develop the report. Doing so will give you a chance to find any formatting
problems or other issues so that you can make any necessary corrections before printing the
report. It is particularly important to preview a report after you’ve made changes to its
design to ensure that the changes you made have not created new problems with the
report’s format. Before printing any report, you should preview it so you can determine
where the pages will break, and make any necessary adjustments so that the final printed
output looks exactly the way you want it to.
The report is now complete. You’ll print just the first page of the report so that Oren
and Taylor can view the final results and share the report design with other staff members
before printing the entire report. ( Note: Check with your instructor first to be sure you
should complete the following printing steps.)
To print page 1 of the report:
1. In the Print group on the Print Preview tab, click the Print button. The Print dialog
box opens.
2. In the Print Range section, click the Pages option button. The insertion point now
appears in the From text box so that you can specify the range of pages to print.
3. Type 1 in the From text box, press the Tab key to move to the To text box, and
then type 1 . These settings specify that only page 1 of the report will be printed.
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