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In Depth Information
Oren is satisfied that the forms you created—the Customer Data form and the Cus-
tomer Contracts form—will make it easier to enter, view, and update data in the Belmont
database. The Customers And Contracts report presents important information about Bel-
mont Landscapes’ customers in an attractive and professional format, which will help
Taylor and other staff members in their marketing efforts.
Session 4.2 Quick Check
1. In a form that contains a main form and a subform, what data is displayed in the
main form and what data is displayed in the subform?
2. Describe how you use the navigation buttons to move through a form containing a
main form and a subform.
3. When you create a report based on two tables that are joined in a one-to-many rela-
tionship, the field values for the records from the related table are called the
4. True or False: To move a field to another location on a report, you first need to dis-
play the report in Design view.
5. When working in Layout view for a report, which key do you press and hold down
so that you can click to select multiple fields?
in a report (or form) is special formatting applied to certain field
values depending on one or more conditions.
Tutorial Summary
In this tutorial, you learned how to create a form using the Form Wizard and how to
modify the form’s design in Layout view by changing the form’s AutoFormat, adding a
picture, changing the font color of the form’s title, changing the type of line around field
values on the form, and moving a field on the form. You also used the form’s navigation
buttons and various keyboard techniques to navigate through the records in a form. You
used the Find command to locate specific form records, and included wildcard charac-
ters to search for records by specifying only a partial field value. In addition, you main-
tained table data using a form, and previewed and printed selected form records. With
the one-to-many relationship already established between the necessary tables, you were
able to create a form with a main form and a subform to display data from both tables at
the same time. You also used the Report Wizard to create a report displaying data from
two related tables. Working in Layout view, you modified the report by moving and resiz-
ing fields, and you enhanced the report by adding a picture and changing the font color
of the report title. Finally, you learned how to apply conditional formatting to certain
field values in the report to format them differently from other text in the report.
Key Terms
conditional formatting
detail record
Form Wizard
grouped report
Layout view
main form
move handle
Report Wizard
wildcard character
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