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11. Use the Report Wizard to create a report based on the primary Company table and
the related Product table. Select the Company ID, Company Name, Contact First
Name, Contact Last Name, and City fields—in that order—from the Company table
and the Product ID, Product Type, Price, and Unit fields from the Product table. Sort
the detail records in ascending order by Product ID. Choose the Stepped layout,
Landscape orientation, and the Foundry style. Specify the title Products By Company
for the report.
12. Change the report title text to Products by Company .
13. Resize the controls in the Products By Company report as follows, scrolling the
report in Layout view to make sure your changes apply to all field values as
a. Resize the Company ID field so that its left edge aligns with the left edge of the
report. Also resize this field to its best fit.
b. Resize the remaining column widths as necessary to fit the longest name or value
they contain.
14. Insert the Tools picture, which is located in the Level.01\Review folder provided
with your Data Files, in the Products By Company report. Position the picture just to
the right of the Products by Company title so that its top edge is just below the top
border of the report.
15. Apply conditional formatting so that the City field values equal to Lansing appear as
dark red and bold.
16. Preview each page of the report, verifying that all the fields fit on the page. If neces-
sary, return to Layout view and make changes so the report prints within the margins
of the page and so that all field names and values are completely displayed.
17. Save the report, print its first page (only if asked by your instructor to do so), and
then close the report.
18. Compact and repair the Supplier database, and then close it.
| Case Problem 1
Use the skills you
learned in the tutorial
to create forms and a
report to work with
and display data about
music school classes.
Data Files needed for this Case Problem: Pinehill.accdb (cont. from Tutorial 3) and
Pine Hill Music School Yuka Koyama wants to use the Pinehill database to track and
view information about the classes her music school offers. She asks you to create the
necessary forms and a report to help her manage this data. Complete the following:
1. Open the Pinehill database located in the Level.01\Case1 folder provided with your
Data Files.
2. Use the Form Wizard to create a form based on the Student table. Select all the
fields for the form, the Columnar layout, and the Office style. Specify the title
Student Data for the form.
3. Change the AutoFormat for the Student Data form to Technic.
4. Use the Find command to display the record for Jeff Tealey, and then change the
Address field value for this record to 304 Forest Ave .
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