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5. Use the Student Data form to add a new record to the Student table with the follow-
ing field values:
Student ID: NEL7584
First Name: Kayla
Last Name: Nelson
Address: 15540 Belleview Dr
City: Portland
State: OR
Zip: 97229
Phone: 541-563-3156
Birth Date: 10/13/2000
Gender: F
6. Save and close the Student Data form.
7. Use the Form Wizard to create a form containing a main form and a subform. Select
all the fields from the Teacher table for the main form, and select the Contract ID,
Student ID, and Lesson Type fields from the Contract table for the subform. Use the
Datasheet layout and the Technic style. Specify the title Contracts By Teacher for the
main form and the title Contract Subform for the subform.
8. Change the form title text for the main form to Contracts by Teacher , and change the
font color of the title to Access Theme 2.
9. Change the type of line bordering the field values in the main form to Dots.
10. Save and close the Contracts By Teacher form.
11. Use the Report Wizard to create a report based on the primary Student table and the
related Contract table. Select the Student ID, First Name, Last Name, and Phone
fields from the Student table, and select all fields from the Contract table except Stu-
dent ID and Contract Start Date. Sort the detail records in ascending order by Con-
tract ID. Choose the Stepped layout, Landscape orientation, and the Technic style.
Specify the title Student Contracts for the report.
12. Resize the fields in the report so that the field names and values are completely dis-
played and the report fits completely within the margins of the page. ( Hint: Switch
to Print Preview to determine whether all of the fields fit on the page.)
13. Insert the Piano picture, which is located in the Level.01\Case1 folder provided with
your Data Files, in the Student Contracts report. Position the picture to the right of
the Student Contracts report title so that its top edge is just below the top edge of the
14. Apply conditional formatting so that Contract End Date values that occur earlier
than 1/1/2011 appear as bold and green (last row, sixth column in the gallery).
15. Preview the report to confirm that it is formatted correctly. If necessary, return to
Layout view and make changes so the report prints within the margins of the page
and so that all field names and values are completely displayed. When you are fin-
ished, save the report, print its first page (only if asked by your instructor to do so),
and then close the report.
16. Compact and repair the Pinehill database, and then close it.
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