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| Case Problem 2
Challenge yourself by
creating and working
with a form and report
for a fitness center.
Data Files needed for this Case Problem: Fitness.accdb ( cont. from Tutorial 3 ) and
Parkhurst Health & Fitness Center Martha Parkhurst is using the Fitness database to
track and analyze the business activity of the fitness center members and their programs.
To make her work easier, you’ll create a form and report in the Fitness database. Com-
plete the following:
1. Open the Fitness database located in the Level.01\Case2 folder provided with your
Data Files.
2. Use the Form Wizard to create a form containing a main form and a subform. Select
all the fields from the Program table for the main form, and select the Member ID,
First Name, Last Name, and Phone fields from the Member table for the subform.
Use the Tabular layout and the Office style. Specify the title Program Members for
the main form and the title Member Subform for the subform.
3. Change the AutoFormat of the Member Subform to Northwind. ( Hint: Close the Pro-
gram Members form, and then open the Member Subform. Change the AutoFormat
of the subform, and then save and close the subform.)
4. In the Program Members form, change the AutoFormat to Origin. Change the font
color of the main form title to Access Theme 3, and change the line type of the field
boxes in the main form to Solid.
5. Save the Program Members form, navigate to the second record in the subform for
the first main record, and then change the Phone field value to 804-553-7986 .
6. Navigate to the ninth record in the main form, and then change the Last Name field
value for the fourth record in the subform to Larsen . Close the form.
7. Use the Report Wizard to create a report based on the primary Program table and
the related Member table. Select all fields except Physical Required from the Pro-
gram table, and then select the following fields from the Member table: Member ID,
First Name, Last Name, City, Phone, and Date Joined. In the third Report Wizard
dialog box, specify the City field as an additional grouping level. Sort the detail
records by Date Joined in descending order. Choose the Block layout, Landscape
orientation, and the Office style for the report. Specify the title Programs And
Members for the report.
8. Revise the report title text to Programs and Members .
9. Change the report’s AutoFormat to Origin.
10. Resize the fields as necessary so that all the field names and values are completely
displayed within the margins of the report.
11. Insert the Weights picture, which is located in the Level.01\Case2 folder provided
with your Data Files, in the report. Move the picture just to the right of the Programs
and Members title.
12. Open the Access Help window and use resize an image in a report as the search
text. Select the Help article titled “Modify, edit, or change a report,” select the sec-
tion titled “Modify your report in Layout view,” select the topic titled “Add or modify
a logo or other image,” and then read the “Resize a control that contains a logo or
other image” section. Verify that the Weights picture is still selected, and then resize
it to about 75 percent of its original height. Close the Access Help window.
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