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7. Revise the title text in the main form to Donors and Donations .
8. Use the appropriate wildcard character to find all records with a Phone value that
begins with the area code 316. Change the record with the Phone field value of
316-282-2226 to 316-282-2556 . Save and close the form.
9. Use the Report Wizard to create a report based on the primary Agency table and the
related Donation table. Select the Agency Name and Phone fields from the Agency
table, and select all fields except Agency ID and Pickup Required from the Donation
table. In the third Report Wizard dialog box, select Donor ID as an additional
grouping level. Sort the detail records in descending order by Donation Value.
Choose the Stepped layout, Portrait orientation, and the Verve style. Specify the
name Agencies And Donations for the report.
10. Revise the report title text to Agencies and Donations .
11. Resize the fields as necessary so that all the field names and values are completely
displayed on the page.
12. Insert the Donate picture, which is located in the Level.01\Case3 folder provided
with your Data Files, in the report. Move the picture just to the right of the Agencies
and Donations report title.
13. Change the fill color of the Donate picture to Transparent. ( Hint: Select the picture,
click the arrow for the Fill/Back Color button in the Font group on the Format tab,
and then click Transparent.) Change the line type of the picture border to
14. Open the Access Help window and use add gridlines to a report as the search text.
Select the Help article titled “Modify, edit, or change a report,” select the topic titled
“Modify your report in Layout view,” and then select and read the “Add gridlines”
section. Display Horizontal gridlines for the fields from the Agency table. ( Hint :
Click an Agency Name or Phone field value, and then select a gridline option.)
Close the Access Help window.
15. Apply conditional formatting so that any Donation Value greater than or equal to $200
is formatted using a bold, blue-green (top row, ninth column in the gallery) font.
16. Preview the report to confirm that it is formatted correctly. If necessary, return to
Layout view and make changes so the report prints within the margins of the page
and so that all field names and values are completely displayed. When you are fin-
ished, save the report, print its first page (only if asked by your instructor to do so),
and then close the report.
17. Change the Navigation Pane so it displays all objects grouped by object type.
18. Compact and repair the Rossi database, and then close it.
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