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| Case Problem 4
With the figures pro-
vided as guides, create
a form and a report to
display and manage
data for a luxury rental
Data Files needed for this Case Problem: GEM.accdb (cont. from Tutorial 3 ) and
GEM Ultimate Vacations Griffin and Emma MacElroy want to use the GEM database to
track and analyze data about their clients and the luxury properties they rent. You’ll help
them by creating forms and reports to meet this goal. Complete the following:
1. Open the GEM database located in the Level.01\Case4 folder provided with your
Data Files.
2. Create the form shown in Figure 4-32.
Figure 4-32
Pap e r
Da t asheet
( Hints: To resize the subform to display all five fields, use the same technique you
use to resize any form control: click the subform control to select it, and then drag
the border. Widen the subform to display most of the fields in the subform, resize all
columns in the subform to their best fit, and then adjust the size of the subform
3. Using the form you just created, navigate to the second record in the subform for the
third main record, and then change the People field value to 7 .
4. Use the Find command to move to the record for Kelly Skolnik, and then change the
End Date field value for Reservation ID 507 to 5/22/10 .
5. Use the appropriate wildcard character to find all records with a Phone value that
begins with the area code 630. Change the Phone field value of 630-442-4831 to
630-442-5943 . Save and close the form.
6. Use the Report Wizard to create the report shown in Figure 4-33.
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