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The Microsoft Access program is widely used in corporations to track business data, but
it can also be a valuable tool to use to track data in your personal life. For example, you
might want to create an Access database to track information about items in a personal
collection, such as CDs, DVDs, or books; items related to a hobby, such as coin or stamp
collecting, travel, or family history; or items related to sports teams, theater clubs, or
other organizations to which you might belong. In this exercise, you’ll use Access to cre-
ate a database that will contain information of your choice, using the Access skills and
features presented in Tutorials 1 through 4.
Using Templates
The Access program includes templates for creating databases and tables. A database
template is a database containing predefined tables, queries, forms, and reports. A table
template is a template containing predefined fields. Using a database or table template
can save you time and effort in the creation process. For example, if the fields available
in one of the table templates Access offers are similar to the data you want to track, you
can use the table template to quickly create a table with the fields and field properties
already created and set for you. You can then modify the table, as necessary, to suit your
needs. Before you begin to create your own database, review the following steps for
using database and table templates.
To create a database using a database template:
1. On the Getting Started with Microsoft Office Access page, click the appropriate link
in the Template Categories pane; or click a link in the From Microsoft Office Online
pane; or click one of the templates in the Featured Online Templates section in the
middle of the page.
2. Specify the name for your database and a location in which to save the database file.
3. Click the Create button (or the Download button if you are using an Office Online
4. Use the resulting database objects to enter, modify, or delete data or database
To create a table using a table template:
1. With your database file open, click the Create tab on the Ribbon.
2. In the Tables group, click the Table Templates button. A gallery opens listing the dif-
ferent table templates provided with Access.
3. Click the template you want to use.
4. Modify the resulting table as needed, by adding or deleting fields, changing field
properties, and so on.
You can decide to use a database and/or table template for the following exercise if the
templates fit the data you want to track. Note, however, that you still need to create the
additional database objects indicated in the following steps—tables, queries, forms, and
reports—to complete the exercise successfully.
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