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Figure 3-7: This worksheet, which tracks daily sales, uses a named range that consists of an entire column.
For example, you might name column B as DailySales. This range is on Sheet3; its reference would appear like
To define a name for an entire column, select the column by clicking the column letter. Then type the name in
the Name box and press Enter (or use the New Name dialog box to create the name).
After defining the name, you can use it in a formula. The following formula, for example, returns the sum of all
values in column B:
Names created by Excel
Excel creates some names on its own. For example, if you set a print area for a sheet, Excel creates the name
Print_Area. If you set repeating rows or columns for printing, you also have a worksheet-level name called
Print_Titles. When you execute a query that returns data to a worksheet, Excel assigns a name to the data that is
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