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Figure 3-8: Create a multisheet name.
Follow this step-by-step procedure to create a name called DataCube that refers to the range A1:E5 across three
worksheets (Sheet1, Sheet2, and Sheet3):
1. Activate Sheet1.
2. Choose Formulas Defined Names Define Name to display the New Name dialog box.
3. Type DataCube in the Name field.
4. Highlight the range reference in the Refers To field and press Delete to delete the range reference.
5. Click the sheet tab for Sheet1.
6. Press Shift and click the sheet tab for Sheet3.
At this point, the Refers To field contains the following:
7. Select the range A1:E5 in Sheet1 (which is still the active sheet).
The following appears in the Refers To field:
8. Because the Refers To field now has the correct multisheet range address, click OK to close the New Name
dialog box.
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