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Notice that cell E8 displays the value from MonthNames that corresponds to the formula's row. Similarly, if you
enter the same formula into any other cell in rows 3 through 14, the formula displays the corresponding value
from MonthNames. Excel performs an implicit intersection using the MonthNames range and the row that con-
tains the formula. It's as if the following formula is being evaluated:
=MonthNames 8:8
Figure 3-12: Range C3:C14 in this worksheet is named MonthNames. Cell E8 demonstrates an implicit intersec-
If you enter the formula in a cell that's in a row not occupied by MonthNames, the formula returns an error be-
cause the implicit intersection returns nothing.
By the way, implicit intersections are not limited to named ranges. In the preceding example, you get the same
result if cell E8 contains the following formula (which doesn't use a named range):
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