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Often, using arrays can help simplify your formula. The following formula, for example, returns the same result
as the previous formula but uses nested IF functions instead of an array:
Ways to Enter a Function into a Formula
You can enter a function into a formula by typing it manually, by using the Function Library commands or by
using the Insert Function dialog box.
Entering a function manually
If you're familiar with a particular function — that is, you know its correct spelling and the types of arguments
that it takes — you may choose to simply type the function and its arguments into your formula. Often, this
method is the most efficient.
Excel 2007 introduced a handy Formula AutoComplete feature. When you type an equal sign and the first letter
of a function in a cell, Excel displays a drop-down list box of all the functions that begin with that letter and a
ScreenTip with a brief description for the function (see Figure 4-1). You can continue typing the function to
limit the list or use the arrow keys to select the function from the list. After you select the desired function,
press Tab to insert the function and its opening parenthesis into the formula.
Figure 4-1: When you begin to type a function, Excel lists available functions that begin with the typed letters.
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