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Figure 4-4: The Insert Function dialog box.
The Insert Function dialog box contains a drop-down list of categories. When you select a category from the
list, the list box displays the functions in the selected category. The Most Recently Used category lists the func-
tions that you've used most recently. The All category (shown in the figure) lists all the functions available
across all categories. Access this category if you know a function's name but not its category.
If you're not sure which function to use, you can search for a function. Use the field at the top of the Insert
Function dialog box. Type one or more keywords and click Go. Excel then displays a list of functions that
match your search criteria. For example, if you're looking for functions to calculate a loan payment, type loan
as the search term.
When you select a function from the Select a Function list box, notice that Excel displays the function (and its
argument names) in the dialog box, along with a brief description of what the function does. And, you can click
Help on This Function to read about the selected function in Excel's Help system.
When you locate the function that you want to use, click OK. Excel's Function Arguments dialog box appears,
as shown in Figure 4-5, where you can specify the arguments for the function. To specify a cell or range as an
argument, just click in the worksheet and point to the cell or range. Note that each argument is described.
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