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Figure 5-1: Excel's background error checking flags numbers that are formatted as text.
Text Functions
Excel has an excellent assortment of worksheet functions that can handle text. For your convenience, the Func-
tion Library group on the Formulas tab includes a Text drop-down list that provides access to most of these
functions. A few other functions that are relevant to text manipulation appear in other function categories. For
example, the ISTEXT function is in the Information category (Formulas Function Library More Function-
s Information).
Refer to Appendix A for a complete list of the functions in the Text category.
Most of the functions in the Text category are not limited for use with text. In other words, these functions can
also operate with cells that contain values. Excel is very accommodating when it comes to treating numbers as
text and text as numbers.
The examples in this section demonstrate some common (and useful) things that you can do with text. You may
need to adapt some of these examples for your own use.
Determining whether a cell contains text
In some situations, you may need a formula that determines the type of data contained in a particular cell. For
example, you can use an IF function to return a result only if a cell contains text. The easiest way to make this
determination is to use the ISTEXT function.
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