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Adding hours, minutes, or seconds to a time
You can use the TIME function to add any number of hours, minutes, or seconds to a time. For example, as-
sume that cell A1 contains a time. The following formula adds two hours and 30 minutes to that time and dis-
plays the result:
You can use the TIME function to fill a range of cells with incremental times. Figure 6-10 shows a worksheet
with a series of times in ten-minute increments. Cell A1 contains a time that was entered directly. Cell A2 con-
tains the following formula, which was copied down the column:
You can also use the Excel AutoFill feature to fill a range with times. For example, to
create a series of times with ten-minute increments, type 8:00 AM in cell A1 and 8:10
AM in cell A2. Select both cells and then drag the fill handle (in the lower-right corner of
cell A2) down the column to create the series.
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