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To sum the invoice amounts for all offices except Oregon, use this formula:
Text comparisons are not case sensitive.
Summing values based on a date comparison
The following formula returns the total invoice amounts that have a due date after May 1, 2013:
Notice that the second argument for the SUMIF function is an expression. The expression uses the DATE func-
tion, which returns a date. Also, the comparison operator, enclosed in quotation marks, is concatenated (using
the & operator) with the result of the DATE function.
The formula that follows returns the total invoice amounts that have a future due date (including today):
Conditional Sums Using Multiple Criteria
The examples in the preceding section all use a single comparison criterion. The examples in this section in-
volve summing cells based on multiple criteria.
Figure 7-17 shows the sample worksheet again, for your reference. The worksheet also shows the result of sev-
eral formulas that demonstrate summing by using multiple criteria.
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