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Figure 9-5: Removing duplicate rows from a table is easy.
Sorting and filtering a table
Each column in the Header row of a table contains a clickable control (a Filter button), which normally displays
a downward-pointing arrow. That control, when clicked, displays sorting and filtering options.
A new feature in Excel 2013 lets you toggle the display of Filter buttons in a table's
Header row. Choose Table Tools Design Table Style Options Filter Button to display
or hide the drop-down arrows.
Figure 9-6 shows a table of real estate listing information after clicking the control for the Date Listed column.
If a column is filtered or sorted, the image on the control changes to remind you that the column was used in a
filter or sort operation.
This workbook, named real estate table.xlsx, is available at this book's website.
If you're working with a list (rather than a table), use Data Sort & Filter Filter to add Fil-
ter button controls to the top row of your list. This command is a toggle, so you can
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