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Figure 9-10: The table is filtered by two Slicers.
A Slicer contains a button for every unique item in the field. In the real estate listing example, the Slicer for the
Agent field contains 14 buttons because the table has records for 14 different agents.
Slicers may not be appropriate for columns that contain numeric data. For example, the
real estate listing table has 78 different values in the List Price column. Therefore, a
Slicer for this column would have 78 buttons.
To use a Slicer, just click one of the buttons. The table displays only the rows that correspond to the button. You
can also press Ctrl to select multiple buttons and press Shift to select a continuous group of buttons, which
would be useful for selecting a range of List Price values.
If your table has more than one Slicer, it's filtered by the selected buttons in each Slicer. To remove filtering for
a particular Slicer, click the icon in the upper-right corner of the Slicer.
Use the tools from the Slicer Tools Options contextual menu to change the appearance or layout of a Slicer.
You have quite a bit of flexibility.
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