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cell in the table and choose Table Tools Design Tools Convert To Range. The table style formatting remains
intact, but the range no longer functions as a table.
Formulas inside and outside the table that use structured table references are converted, so they use range ad-
dresses rather than table items.
Using Advanced Filtering
In many cases, standard filtering (as I described previously in this chapter) does the job just fine. If you run up
against its limitations, you need to use advanced filtering. Advanced filtering is much more flexible than stand-
ard filtering, but it takes a bit of upfront work to use it. Advanced filtering provides you with the following cap-
• You can specify more complex filtering criteria.
• You can specify computed filtering criteria.
• You can automatically extract a copy of the rows that meet the criteria and place it in another location.
You can use advanced filtering with a list or with a table.
The examples in this section use a real estate listing list (shown in Figure 9-16), which has 125 rows and 10
columns. This list contains an assortment of data types: values, text strings, logical, and dates. The list occupies
the range A8:H133. (Rows above the table are used for the criteria range.)
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