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Records of which the key is completely blank.
Records that contain any nonblank entry.
Records that contain the single character C. You enter this exactly as shown:
as a formula, with an initial equal sign. Alternatively, you can use a leading
apostrophe and omit the quotes:‘=c
The text comparisons are not case sensitive. For example, se* matches Seligman,
seller, and SEC.
Specifying multiple criteria
Often, you may want to select records based on criteria that use more than one field or multiple values within a
single field. These selection criteria involve logical OR or AND comparisons. Here are a few examples of the
types of multiple criteria that you can apply to the real estate database:
• A list price less than $250,000, and square footage of at least 2,000
• A single-family home with a pool
• At least four bedrooms, at least three bathrooms, and square footage less than 3,000
• A home that has been listed for no more than two months, with a list price greater than $300,000
• A condominium with square footage between 1,000 and 1,500
• A single-family home listed in the month of March
To join criteria with an AND operator, use multiple columns in the criteria range. Figure 9-20 shows a criteria
range that filters records to show those with at least four bedrooms, more than 3,000 square feet, and a list price
of $390,000 or less.
Figure 9-20: This criteria range uses multiple columns that select records using a logical AND operation.
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