Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
sheet when you hover over the gallery tool. By hovering over the various tools in the Format Table gallery, you
can see exactly what your table will look like before you commit to a format.
Backstage View
The File tab is unlike the other tabs. Clicking the File tab doesn't change the Ribbon but takes you to the Back-
stage View (see Figure 1-2). This is where you perform most of the document-related activities: creating new
workbooks, opening files, saving files, printing, and so on.
Figure 1-2: Clicking the File tab takes you to the Backstage View.
The Open tab in Backstage View also contains the list of recent documents (as many as 50), with a pushpin icon
next to each entry that you can use to keep that document at the top of the list regardless of how many files you
open and close.
Plus, Backstage View gives you access to the Excel Options dialog box, which contains dozens of settings for
customizing Excel.
Shortcut menus and the mini toolbar
Excel also features dozens of shortcut menus. These menus appear when you right-click after selecting one or
more objects. The shortcut menus are context sensitive. In other words, the menu that appears depends on the
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