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This formula uses the IFERROR function, which was introduced in Excel 2007.
Figure 15-7 shows a worksheet that uses both versions of this formula.
Figure 15-7: Two versions of an array formula that calculates the sum of the digits in an integer.
Summing rounded values
Figure 15-8 shows a simple worksheet that demonstrates a common spreadsheet problem: rounding errors. As
you can see, the grand total in cell E7 appears to display an incorrect amount. (That is, it's off by a penny.) The
values in column E use a number format that displays two decimal places. The actual values, however, consist
of additional decimal places that do not display due to rounding (as a result of the number format). The net ef-
fect of these rounding errors is a seemingly incorrect total. The total, which is actually $168.320997, displays as
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