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• Add a new tab.
• Add a new group to a tab.
• Add commands to a group.
• Remove groups from a tab.
• Remove commands from custom groups.
• Change the order of the tabs.
• Change the order of the groups within a tab.
• Change the name of a tab.
• Change the name of a group.
• Move a group to a different tab
• Reset the Ribbon to remove all customizations.
That's a fairly comprehensive list of customization options, but there are some actions that you cannot do:
• You cannot remove built-in tabs — but you can hide them.
• You cannot remove commands from built-in groups.
• You cannot change the order of commands in a built-in group.
Task panes
Yet another user interface element is the task pane. Task panes appear automatically in response to several com-
mands. For example, to work with a picture, right-click the image and choose Format Picture. Excel responds
by displaying the Format Picture task pane, shown in Figure 1-5. The task pane is similar to a dialog box except
that you can keep it visible as long as it's needed.
The role of task panes has increased dramatically in Excel 2013. For example, when
working with a chart, you can access a task pane that has an extensive selection of
commands for every element within the chart.
Many of the task panes are very complex. For example, the Format Picture task pane has four icons along the
top. Clicking an icon changes the command lists displayed below. Click an item in a command list, and it ex-
pands to show the options.
By default, the task pane is docked on the right side of the Excel window, but you can move it anywhere you
like by clicking the title text and dragging. Excel remembers the last position, so the next time you use that task
pane, it will be where you left it. There's no OK button in a task pane. When you're finished using a task pane,
click the Close button (X) in the upper-right corner.
Keyboard shortcuts
Excel has many useful keyboard shortcuts. For example, you can press Ctrl+D to copy a cell to selected cells
below it. If you're a newcomer to Excel — or you just want to improve your efficiency — I urge you to check
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