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Figure 15-8: Using an array formula to correct rounding errors.
The following array formula creates a new array that consists of values in column E, rounded to two decimal
This formula returns $168.31 .
You also can eliminate these types of rounding errors by using the ROUND function in the formula that calcu-
lates each row total in column E (which does not require an array formula).
Summing every nth value in a range
Suppose that you have a range of values and you want to compute the sum of every third value in the list — the
first, the fourth, the seventh, and so on. One solution is to hard-code the cell addresses in a formula. But a better
solution is to use an array formula.
In Figure 15-9, the values are stored in a range named Data, and the value of n is in cell
D4 (named n).
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