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The following array formula is similar to the previous formula, but it returns the last nonempty cell in a row (in
this case, row 1):
To use this formula for a different row, change the 1:1 reference to correspond to the row.
Figure 15-11 shows an example for the last value in a column, and the last value in a row.
An alternative, non-array formula that returns the last nonempty non-error cell in a row is
=LOOKUP(2,1/(1:1<>””),1:1 )
Figure 15-11: Using array formulas to return the last nonempty cell in a column or row.
Working with Multicell Array Formulas
The preceding chapter introduces array formulas that you can enter into multicell ranges. In this section, I
present a few more multicell array formulas. Most of these formulas return some or all of the values in a range,
but are rearranged in some way.
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