Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
out the Help system. (Search for keyboard and go from there.) Learning these shortcuts is key to becoming pro-
ficient in Excel. The Help file has tables that summarize useful keyboard commands and shortcuts.
Figure 1-5: The Format Picture task pane allows you to adjust and format an embedded picture.
Customized onscreen display
Excel offers some flexibility regarding onscreen display (status bar, Formula bar, the Ribbon, and so on). For
example, click the Ribbon Display Options control (in the title bar) and you can choose how to display the Rib-
bon. You can hide everything except the title bar, thereby maximizing the amount of visible information.
The status bar at the bottom of the screen can be customized. Right-click the status bar and you see lots of op-
tions that allow you to control what information is displayed in the status bar.
Many other customizations can be made by choosing File Options and clicking the Advanced tab. On this tab
are several sections that deal with what displays onscreen.
Object and cell selecting
Generally, selecting objects in Excel conforms to standard Windows practices. You can select a range of cells
by using the keyboard (press the Shift key, along with the arrow keys) or by clicking and dragging the mouse.
To select a large range, click a cell at any corner of the range, scroll to the opposite corner of the range, and
press Shift while you click the opposite corner cell.
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