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Figure 16-12 shows another example: names in column A. The goal is to use Flash Fill to extract the first, last,
and middle name (if it has one). In column B, Flash Fill worked perfectly after I give it only two examples
(Mark and Tim). Plus, it successfully extracted all the last names, using Russell and Colman as examples. Ex-
tracting the middle names or initials eluded me until I provided examples that included a space on either side of
the middle name.
Figure 16-12: Using Flash Fill to split names.
See Chapter 5 for a formula-based solution for splitting names.
Here's another example of using Flash Fill. Say you have a list of URLs and need to extract the filename (the
text that follows the last slash character).
Figure 16-13 shows a list of URLs. Flash Fill required just one example of a filename entered in column B. I
pressed Ctrl+E, and Excel filled in the remaining rows. Flash Fill worked equally well removing the filename
from the URL, in column C.
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