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TXT files
Exporting a workbook to a TXT file is almost identical to the CSV file format described earlier. The only differ-
ence is that cells are separated by a tab character instead of a comma.
PRN files
A PRN file is very much like a printed image of the worksheet. The cells are separated by multiple space char-
acters. Also, a line is limited to 240 characters. If a line exceeds that limit, the remainder appears on the next
line. PRN files are rarely used.
Exporting to other file formats
Excel also lets you save your work in several other formats:
Data Interchange Format: These files have a DIF extension. Not used very often.
Symbolic Link: These files have a SYLK extension. Not used very often.
Portable Document Format: These files have a PDF extension. This is a very common “read-only” file
XML Paper Specification Document: These files have an XPS extension. Microsoft's alternative to PDF
files. Not used very often.
Web Page: These files have an HTM extension. Often, saving a file as a web page will generate a directory
of ancillary files required to render the page accurately.
OpenDocument Spreadsheet: These files have an ODS extension. They are compatible with various open
source spreadsheet programs.
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