Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Formulas, of course, make a spreadsheet a spreadsheet. Excel's formula-building capability is as good as it gets.
You will discover this as you explore subsequent chapters in this book.
Worksheet functions allow you to perform calculations or operations that would otherwise be impossible. Excel
provides a huge number of built-in functions, including dozens of new functions introduced in Excel 2013.
See Chapter 4 for more information about worksheet functions.
A name represents an identifier that enables you to refer to a cell, range, value, or formula. Using names makes
your formulas easier to create and read. As you'll see, Excel handles names in some unique ways.
I devote Chapter 3 entirely to names.
Objects on the Drawing Layer
Each worksheet has an invisible drawing layer, which holds shapes, SmartArt, charts, pictures, and controls
(such as buttons and list boxes). I discuss some of these items in the following sections.
Shapes and illustrations
The Insert Illustrations group contains a variety of tools that let you insert various shapes, clip art, photos, and
diagrams. Figure 1-7 shows some objects on the drawing layer of a worksheet.
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