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The result is a formula that contains the sheet reference and the cell reference as an absolute reference (for ex-
ample, =Sheet1!$A$1). Figure 17-3 shows a chart in which the chart title is linked to cell A1 on Sheet3.
Figure 17-3: The chart title is linked to cell A1.
Adding axis title links
The axis titles are optional and are used to describe the data for an axis. The process for adding a link to an axis
title is identical to that described in the previous section for a chart title.
Adding text links
You can also add a linked text box to a chart. The process is a bit tricky, however. Follow these steps exactly:
1. Select the chart and then choose Insert Text Text Box.
2. Drag the mouse inside the chart to create the text box.
3. Press Esc to exit text entry mode and select the text box object.
4. Click in the Formula bar and then type an equal sign ( = ).
5. Use your mouse and click the cell that you want linked.
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