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Figure 17-4 shows five charts, each of which uses one data point. These are very minimalistic charts. The only
chart elements are the single data point series, the data label for that data point, and the chart tile (displayed on
the left). The single column fills the entire width of the plot area.
One of the charts is grouped with a shape object that contains text.
Figure 17-4: Five single data point charts.
Figure 17-5 shows another single data point chart. The chart, which shows the value in cell B21, is actually a
line chart with markers. I copied a shape object and pasted it to replace the normal line marker. The chart con-
tains a second series, which I added so I could get the secondary axis.
Figure 17-6 shows another chart based on a single cell. It's a pie chart set up to resemble a gauge. Although this
chart displays only one value (entered in cell B1), it actually uses three data points (in A4:A6).
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