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The four data series are overlaid on top of each other in the chart. The trick involves setting the Series Overlap
value to a large number. This setting determines the spacing between the series. Use the Series Options section
of the Format Data Series task pane to adjust this setting. That section has another setting, Gap Width. In this
case, the Gap Width essentially controls the width of the columns.
Series Overlap and Gap Width apply to the entire chart. If you change the setting for
one series, the other series change to the same value.
Creating a comparative histogram
With a bit of creativity, you can create charts that you may have considered impossible. For example, Figure
17-8 shows a chart sometimes referred to as a comparative histogram chart. Such charts often display popula-
tion data.
A workbook with this example is available at this book's website. The filename is com-
parative histogram.xlsx.
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