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If you change the value in cell A1, you must respecify the filter criteria for column B be-
cause the rows will not hide automatically. Just click the filter icon in the column head-
ing and then click OK. The example uses a table Slicer, so clicking the 0 value applies
the filter. Add a Slicer to a table by choosing Table Tools Design Tools Insert Slicer.
Although this example uses a table (created using Insert Tables Table), the technique also works with a nor-
mal range of data as long as it has column headers. Choose Data Sort & Filter Filter to enable filtering.
Identifying maximum and minimum values in a chart
Figure 17-12 shows a line chart that has its maximum and minimum values identified with a circle and a square,
respectively. These identifiers are the result of using two additional series in the chart. You can achieve this ef-
fect manually, by adding two shapes, but using the additional series makes it fully automated.
This example is available at this book's website. The filename is identify max and min
data points.xlsx.
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