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The formula in cell B3 displays the value of z for the minimum values of x and y. The data table evaluates the
formula for 25 equally spaced values of x and 25 equally spaced values of y. These values are plotted in the sur-
face chart.
This workbook, which is available at this book's website, contains simple macros that
enable you to easily change the rotation and elevation of the chart by using scroll bars.
The file is named function plot 3D.xlsm.
Plotting a circle
You can create an XY chart that draws a perfect circle. To do so, you need two ranges: one for the x values and
another for the y values. The number of data points in the series determines the smoothness of the circle. Or you
can simply select the Smoothed Line option in the Format Data Series dialog box (Line Style tab) for the data
Figure 17-18 shows a chart that uses 13 points to create a circle. If you work in degrees, generate a series of val-
ues such as the ones shown in column A. The series starts with 0 and increases in 30-degree increments. If you
work in radians (column B), the first series starts with 0 and increments by Π/6.
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