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This example, named plot circles.xlsx, is available at this book's website.
Creating a clock chart
Figure 17-20 shows an XY chart formatted to look like a clock. It not only looks like a clock but it also func-
tions like a clock. There is really no reason why anyone would need to display a clock such as this on a work-
sheet, but creating the workbook was challenging, and you may find it instructive.
Figure 17-20: This fully functional clock is actually an XY chart in disguise.
The chart uses four data series: one for the hour hand, one for the minute hand, one for the second hand, and
one for the numbers. The last data series draws a circle with 12 points (but no line). The numbers consist of
manually entered data labels.
The formulas listed in Table 17-2 use basic trigonometry to calculate the data series for the clock hands. (The
range G4:L4 contains zero values, not formulas.)
Table 17-2: Formulas Used to Generate a Clock Chart
Origin of hour hand
End of hour hand
Origin of minute
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