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• The ChartObject, named ClockChart, covers up a range named DigitalClock, which is used to display the
time digitally.
• The two buttons on the worksheet are from the Forms group (Developer Controls Insert), and each has a
VBA procedure assigned to it (StartClock and StopClock).
• Selecting the check box control executes a procedure named cbClockType_Click, which simply toggles the
Visible property of the chart. When the chart is hidden, the digital clock is revealed.
• The UpdateClock procedure uses the OnTime method of the Application object. This method enables you to
execute a procedure at a specific time. Before the UpdateClock procedure ends, it sets up a new OnTime
event that occurs in one second. In other words, the UpdateClock procedure is called every second.
• The UpdateClock procedure inserts the following formula into the cell named DigitalClock:
Inserting this formula causes the workbook to calculate, updating the clock.
Creating awesome designs
Figure 17-22 shows an example of an XY chart that displays hypocycloid curves using random values. This
type of curve is the same as that generated by Hasbro's popular Spirograph toy, which you may remember from
Figure 17-22: A hypocycloid curve.
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