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Creating Interactive Charts
An interactive chart allows the user to easily change various parameters that affect what's displayed in the
chart. Often, VBA macros are used to make charts interactive. The examples in this section use no macros and
demonstrate what can be done using only the tools built into Excel.
Selecting a series from a drop-down list
Figure 17-29 shows a chart that displays data as specified by a drop-down list in cell F2. Cell F2 uses data val-
idation, which allows the user to select a month from a list. The chart uses the data in F1:I2, but the values de-
pend on the selected month. The formulas in range G2:I2 retrieve the values from columns B:D that correspond
to the selected month.
The formula in cell G2, which was copied to the two cells to the right, is
This example is available at this book's website. The filename is series from drop-
Figure 17-29: Selecting data to plot using a drop-down list.
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