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In Depth Information
For each year, the chart also displays the total population and the percentage of people age 65 or older. That in-
formation is displayed by using text boxes linked to cells.
This workbook, named US population chart.xlsx, is available at this book's website.
Displaying weather data
The example shown in Figure 17-33 is a useful application that allows the user to choose two U.S. cities (from a
list of 284 cities) and view a chart that compares the cities by month in any of the following categories: average
precipitation, average temperature, percent sunshine, and average wind speed.
The cities are chosen from a drop-down list, using Excel's data validation feature, and the data option is selected
using four OptionButton controls, which are linked to a cell. The pieces are all connected using a few formulas.
This workbook, named climate data.xlsx, is available at this book's website.
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