Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
• Macros that automate various aspects of Excel
• Macros that serve as custom functions that you can use in worksheet formulas
Part VI of this book describes how to use and create custom worksheet functions using
Add-in programs
An add-in is a program attached to Excel that gives it additional functionality. For example, you can store cus-
tom worksheet functions in an add-in. To attach an add-in, use the Add-Ins tab in the Excel Options dialog box.
Excel ships with quite a few add-ins, and you can purchase or download many third-party add-ins from online
services. My Power Utility Pak is an example of an add-in. (Use the coupon at the back of the book to order a
copy at a discounted price.)
Chapter 24 describes how to create your own add-ins that contain custom worksheet
Internet Features
Excel includes a number of features that relate to the Internet. For example, you can save a worksheet or an en-
tire workbook in HTML format, accessible in a web browser. In addition, you can insert clickable hyperlinks
(including e-mail addresses) directly into cells.
In versions prior to Excel 2007, HTML was a round-trip file format. In other words, you
could save a workbook in HTML format and then reopen it in Excel, and nothing would
be lost. That's no longer the case. HTML is now considered an export-only format.
You can also create web queries to bring in data stored in a corporate intranet or on the Internet.
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