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Figure 18-7: Selecting a recommended pivot table.
The pivot table thumbnails use your actual data, and there's a good chance that one of them will be exactly what
you're looking for, or at least very close. Select a thumbnail, click OK, and Excel creates the pivot table on a
new worksheet.
When any cell in a pivot table is selected, Excel displays the PivotTable Fields task pane. You can use this task
pane to make changes to the layout of the pivot table.
If your data is in an external database, start by selecting a blank cell. When you choose
Insert Insert Tables Recommended PivotTables, Excel displays the Choose Data
Source dialog box. Select Use an External Data Source and then click Choose Connec-
tion to specify the data source. You will then see the thumbnails of the list of recom-
mended pivot tables.
If none of the recommended pivot tables is suitable, you have two choices:
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