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Figure 18-10: After a few simple steps, the pivot table shows a summary of the data.
Formatting the pivot table
Notice that the pivot table uses General number formatting. To change the number format for all data, right-
click any value and choose Number Format from the shortcut menu. Then use the Format Cells dialog box to
change the number format for the displayed data.
You can apply any of several built-in styles to a pivot table. Select any cell in the pivot table and choose PivotT-
able Tools Design PivotTable Styles to select a style. Fine-tune the display by using the controls in the
PivotTable Tools Design PivotTable Style Options group.
You also can use the controls in the PivotTable Design Layout group to control various elements in the pivot
table. You can adjust any of the following elements:
Subtotals: Hide subtotals or choose where to display them (above or below the data).
Grand Totals: Choose which types, if any, to display.
Report Layout: Choose from three different layout styles (compact, outline, or tabular). You can also
choose to hide repeating labels.
Blank Row: Add a blank row between items to improve readability.
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